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  • Is my attendance recorded?

    Yes, but students are responsible for recording their own attendance using a swipe card system. Student ID cards have a magnetic strip on the back which students must swipe in an attendance scanner inside every Metro classroom. Students will be given a pro-rata attendance. The information is available online in MyGCA in your Student Account. Attendance data is refreshed every evening.

  • How do I get my attendance certificate?

    Log on to your Student Account and go to English attendance. On the page where you can see your overall attendance for each course you have done, you also have a "Print" option. You can print a certificate at any stage of your course. If you have not completed your course, you will be issued with an interim certificate. If your course is complete, you will receive a final certificate of attendance.

  • What happens if I am sick?

    If you are sick you will not get attendance. You should see a doctor and get a medical certificate, in which case you will be given medical leave. Within two weeks of returning to College after your illness, you should take your medical certificate to Student Services, and they will enter your medical leave into your records. You need to keep the original to show DIAC, should they ask to see it. Your medical certificate must have a provider number on it.

  • Can I move up a class?

    Moving up a level is based on your English language abilities, not on the length of time you have been in a class. We believe it is in your best interest to move up only when you are linguistically prepared to move.

  • How can I check my English progress?

    At Metro we use MyGCA to record your English proficiency progress as well as your attendance. Each week your teacher will enter grades for your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing plus the percentage of your week’s test. Just log on to your Student Account and check your results.

  • How do I get my results certificate?

    At Metro we use MyCGA to record your English proficiency progress as well as your attendance. You can generate and print an 'interim' proficiency certificate from your student account at any time during your course. On the last day of your course, your teacher will issue you with your final certificate

  • How can I find out about the college rules and policies?

    The college website contains lots of useful information. The College Information Guide is on the website and contains the Code of Conduct, the college policies and a wealth of information about the college and useful links for living in Sydney. http://www.gca.edu.au/

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